Exacting Change for Oneself at the 2014 Art of Brooklyn Film Festival

By Shari Berman 

Some filmmakers come from a different point of view about change. Change does not require another person to be a catalyst to make it happen; it comes from within. In MILK AND HONEY (Narrative Short, Directed by Daniel Pfeffer) a teenager (Yainis Ynoa) decides to leave her abusive foster home life in the past and embark on her own journey, but in order to affect change, she must face her internal demons first. MILK AND HONEY is a moving piece that shows if you attempt the change, you will find the strength and support to succeed in your mission.

RESCUE (Narrative Short, Directed by Paul Bland) builds on this concept of deciding to help yourself. It takes a look at a misfit woman (played wonderfully by Leah Barker) who decides to save herself from herself by saving another. Of course, we all know that change is not easy even if you know you want to make the change.


The beautifully, carefully paced film SLOW AND STEADY (Directed by Annie Kaempfer) shows that change does not happen right away no matter how much you may want it. If you force it, it won’t thrive. And, some times you just can’t change how others see you especially if you don’t fit in a conventional category. Some times you just have to decide to stop trying to assimilate.

WHITE ALLIGATOR (Narrative Feature, Directed by Raquel Almazan) takes this life lesson to a whole other level as we watch a Puerto Rican actress (Viviana Leo) discover her skin is too white for her to be considered Hispanic, but she is too Hispanic to be considered white. All of these films have strong female characters that inspire.


MILK AND HONEY screens during the Brooklyn Born and Raised block on May 8th at I.S. 30 Mary White Ovington Auditorium at 7:30pm. It plays with HOW YOU DOIN’ BOY? VOICEMAILS FROM GRAN’PA, WAITING FOR MOLLY, THE MASTER CLEANSE, PEPPER and BODIES IN IRREVERSIBLE DETRIMENT.

RESCUE and SLOW AND STEADY screen with BALANCE, AN HONORABLE MAN, THEMES FROM A ROSARY, INQUIETUDE and WITHOUT FIRE in the Opening Night Drama Block Wednesday, May 7th at Founder’s Hall at 7pm.

WHITE ALLIGATOR screens on May 10th at 2pm in Founder’s Hall.

Shari Berman is an award-winning filmmaker and partner in Be Independent Productions. 

The 2014 Art of Brooklyn Film Festival runs May 7-11. For full schedule, film guide, trailers and tickets:




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A nonprofit arts org dedicated to the art and culture of Brooklyn, NY. We produce the annual Art of Brooklyn Film Festival. Official site: aobff.org Facebook.com/AoBFF Twitter: @TheArtofBklyn
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